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  • If the domain (or any of its subdomains) is in use by another hosting account, you need to remove it from that account first (cPanel / Plesk).
  • If you have an SSL certificate applied to your hosting account, uninstall it before you change your primary hosted domain.

You can change the domain name of your Managed WordPress website.

  1. Go to your Epreneur Hosting1 Account product page.
  2. In your My Products page, next to Managed WordPress, select Manage All.
  3. For the website that uses the domain you want to change, select the menu icon menu and then select Settings.
  4. In the Domains section, select Add, and then select New primary domain.
    select new primary domain
  5. Under Choose where to publish, select the domain from the domains in your GoDaddy account. Note: Regarding the WWW canonical name (CNAME), it’s generally understood that most traffic is web traffic on the internet. As such, “WWW” is no longer required to direct traffic to your web server. The default settings for the WWW CNAME will ensure that visitors to will be redirected to
  6. (Optional) If you’re using a domain that is not registered in the same Epreneur Hosting1 Account account, select Use a different domain. In the field provided, fill in the domain you want to use (for example,
  7. Select Continue.

If the domain you’re using is in the same Epreneur Hosting1 Account, we’ll update the DNS for you.

Required: In the following situations, we’ll need your help to finish connecting the domain to your site.

  • If your domain is registered in another Epreneur Hosting1 Account account, you need to log in to that account and update the DNS A record with the IP address provided.
  • If the domain is not registered with Epreneur Hosting1 Account, you should log in to your domain registrar to update the DNS A record with the IP address provided.

 Note: Because it can take up to 24-48 hours for the DNS to change, you may not see your new domain for that long.

More info #

  • You can manually enter a domain that is not registered in your Epreneur Hosting1 account by updating the A record for that domain to point it to your Managed WordPress IP Address.
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